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Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia Pars 148 - Jaap Klein et al.

Lower Cretaceous Ammonites V - Desmoceratoidea

The superfamily Desmoceratoidea, as presented in this Fossilium Catalogus, has representatives that persisted until the end of the Cretaceous. We have only included families, subfamilies and genera that are restricted to or start in the Lower Cretaceous.

Once more, a specialist researching this superfamily took an active part in the design of this volume.

The achievement of Zdenĕk VAŠÍČEK is a long list of publications on Lower Cretaceous ammonites and stratigraphy of the Carpathians of the Czech and Slovak Republics, Upper Austria and the Northern Calcareous Alps. He revised the ammonites described by UHLIG of the ‚Teschener & Wernsdorfer Schichten‘. He is currently working on the Emil TIETZE collection hosted in Vienna.

In addition to the acknowledgements in the previous parts of Lower Cretaceous Ammonites, we are obliged to Dr. Francisco MEDINA, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Prof. Dr. Qi WANG, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), for helping us with literature.

Special thanks to Dr. Ricardo BARRAGÁN MANZO, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Dr. Abelardo CANTÚ CHAPA, México City, Prof. Dr. Peter BENGTSON, Universität Heidelberg, Dr. Gérard DELANOY, Université de Nice, Dr. Robert BUSNARDO, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Dr. Ottillia SZIVES, Magyar Térmeszettudományí Múseum, Budapest, and Dr. Jim HAGGART, Geological Survey of Canada, Vancouver, for providing us with additional information, and to Juan KLEIN-WANG who helped once again by translating Chinese articles for us.



Jaap KLEIN & Zdenĕk Vasicek (Editor)
2012, VI + 316 p., paperbound

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