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Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia Pars 146 - Jaap Klein et al.

Lower Cretaceous Ammonites IV Boreophylloceratoidea, Phylloceratoidea, Lytoceratoidea, Tetragonitoidea, Haploceratoidea including the Upper Cretaceous representatives

The ammonite groups we treated in this Catalogus are in general not used for precise stratigraphy because the genera and species have often long ranges over several zones and stages. For this reason we have included the genera and species of the Upper Cretaceous. Otherwise it would be a unnatural cut off for phylloceratid and tetragonitid (sub)genera like Phyllopachyceras, Hypophylloceras, Anagaudryceras, Gaudryceras, Kossmatella and Tetragonites and for the haploceratid family Binneytidae. Some genera and species around the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary are also considered because we do not know their exact stratigraphical position and, moreover, the IUGS did not rule on the boundary between these two systems.

Once more specialists that are active in research on this superfamilies took part in the present Fossilium Catalogus.

Jaap KLEIN, René HOFFMANN, Bernard JOLY, Yasunari SHIGETA & Zdenĕk VAŠÍČEK 
2009; VIII + 416pp.; paper

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