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Plant Resources of South-East Asia - Rattans and Bamboos

Author(s): Bamboos: S. Dransfield and E.A. Widjaja (Eds), Rattans: J. Dransfield and N. Manokaran (Eds) Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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This CD-ROM presents a complete and updated overview of the rattan and bamboo species of SE Asia, and is produced by ETI and PROSEA. It provides information on some 130 rattan species and over 75 bamboo species and includes detailed descriptions, videos on both commodities, colour photographs of the majority of species, botanical illustrations, a hyperlinked illustrated glossary of technical terms and a reference database with less-accessible literature from SE Asia. The hyperlinked program offers a matrix-based search possibility for species per country or secondary use. Rattans are the source of cane for the cane-furniture industry, while at the same time being used for a wealth of minor purposes locally. Most cane entering world trade is collected from the wild, and throughout much of South-East Asia rattan represents the most important forest product after timber. Bamboos have been of great importance in rural communities in tropical Asia for centuries. Their value or potential value has been largely underestimated. In recent years the commercialization of bamboo exploitation for commodities such as bamboo shoots, bamboo boards, chopsticks, pulp for paper manufacture, and bamboo handicrafts, has caused an increase in the demand for the raw material. This CD-ROM rightfully belongs in any scientific library and in the reference collections of botanists, rattan or bamboo experts as well as anyone dealing with rattans or bamboos.

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