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Maydell, Hans-Jürgen: Trees and Schrubs of the Sahel – PDF Version

Their characteristics and uses


Trees and shrubs play a significant role in maintaining the natural exosystem and in preventing and combatting desertification in the Sahel. They provide a multitude of useful products for the people of the region. Thus not only foresters but also farmers, herdsmen, urban and regional planners and decision-makers at all levels should know more about them. 

The identification of the many different woody species that may occur is not always easy. A few botanists, experienced foresters or other people may be available to help. Appropriate facilities exist in well-equipped institutes, but these are not always accessible when needed in the field. The lack of a practical field guide has thus become evident. This book is intended to go beyond descriptions of botanical characteristics and provides some basic information on site requirements and ecology, silvi-cultural techniques and traditional as well as potential uses. Information from project-related fieldwork was compiled and finally arranged in the form of this book…

1990; 534pp., many coloured photos;

PDF, 92 MB



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