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Band 116: Mahmoudi, Hossein: Sustainability of Organic Agriculture Using Risk and Social Impact Assessment - PDF Version

A case study of Iran

While ecological sustainability of organic agriculture (OA) has been frequently investigated, there are limited studies on its social sustainability, especially in developing countries. It seems OA proponents disregard and neglect the socio-economic aspects of sustainable development. Therefore, it is also important to acknowledge that in addition to ecological risks and benefits, there are also social risks and im- pacts. The contribution of OA to achieve socially sustainable development in developing countries (Iran as an example) is the focus of this book. Since this study, more specifically, aims to assess the social impacts and risks of OA, a hybrid model combining social impact assessment (SIA) and social risk assessment (SRA) to form a new approach called ‘Risk and Social Impact Assessment’ (RSIA) is introduced.

Kommunikation und Beratung 116;
ISSN 0947-0352
2014; xii+88pp.;   PDF Version


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