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El Fadil, A. Ismail: A Conceptual Framework for Developing the Small and Medium Enterprises in the Sudan

Introduction, Analysis and Policy Frameworks

The book casts a vision to spur the development of competitive, sustainable and dynamic Small and Medium Enterprises business (SMEs) in the Sudan as a mere pathway to increased economic growth and prosperity, with particular emphasis on agro-industries. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part introduces the SMEs, defines their main aspects and gives a brief account of the historic evolution and current context of Small and Medium Enterprises business in the Sudan. The second part displays a holistic view of the SMEs policy concerns and structures with emphasis on institutional and regulatory policy frameworks necessary for SMEs development. The methodology contained in this book follows an informative and deductive approach that provides synthesis and knowledge through distillation of a number of readings and writings in SMEs domains. As market forces provide endeavours to domestic market development, the book shades light on the importance of efficient marketing systems for SMEs development. The book makes emphasis on the role and importance of political, economic, social and technological frameworks for the development of SMEs. The book calls for political commitment to endorse genuine reforms on the SMEs sector and over a wide range of strategies, policies, and procedures to achieve economic thrusts. The book urges authorities to focus on SMEs development plans with consideration of the sectoral patterns of growth to minimize regional dispersions and reduce both inter-state and intra-states imbalances.

2010, XXVI + 274pp., 21 x 15 cm, paper

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