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Schläpfer, A. et al.: Yearbook 2012

Energy and Sustainable Development - Theses of International Masters; Sustainable Energy Plannning and Policies

The Masters Programme in Energy and Environmental Management (EEM) in Developing Countries aims to equip engineers with the ability to deal with the problem associated with energy generation and use in order to satisfy the needs of the current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. The programme has a strong international focus because the majority of problems associated with unsustainable development cannot be solved at national level alone, but rather requires an international framework. This Master qualifies professionals to work in key positions of the energy industry, governments, NGOs and International Organisations.

The overarching objective of the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) is to teach students the fundamental principles and applications of renewable energy sources and systems; special attention is paid to renewable energy implementation in developing countries. Technical focuses include: teaching the physical foundations of renewable energy systems, technical implementation and economic conditions for the use of renewable energies, practical testing of components, decentralised energy supply systems, analysis and planning, concrete decentralised energy supply projects (case studies), contacts with firms and institutions in the area of utilising renewable energy sources.

Théoneste Uhorakeye, Wulf Boie, Michael Golba, August Schläpfer (eds), 
2012; XII + 184pp.; 14,8 x 21 cm, paperbound

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