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Tokarska-Guzik, B. et al.: Plant Invasions

Human perception, ecological impacts and management

Ailanthus altissima, Carpobrotus spp., Fallopia japonica are the prime subject of papers presented in this volume. At an international level, the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) has encouraged countries to recognize that they cannot solve problems connected with biological invasions by working solely within their own administrative borders. By their very definition, IAS are an international problem. Apart from their threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services, invasive species have a significant socio-economic impact. Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to the threats posed by invasive species because their economies typically rely heavily on agriculture, locally cultivated varieties, forestry and fishing. Moreover, within these countries it is generally the rural communities that are most at risk, as their livelihoods are almost solely based on these economic sectors, while the poorest people may be dependent on local biodiversity for food, fuel and construction material (GISP 2007).

Tokarska-Guzik, B., J.H. Brock, G. Brundu, L. Child, C.C. Daehler & P. Pysek (Eds)
2008; xviii + 428pp., 22,5 x 14,8 cm, paper

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