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Midgley, Pauline and Reuther, Markus(Eds): Towards cleaner air for Europe - Science, Tools and Applications - part 2

Part 2: Overviews from the Final Reports of the EUROTRAC-2 Subprojects

The atmospheric changes brought about by human activities can have serious effects on air quality, human health, ecosystems, materials, acidification and eutrophication, and on the climate. Complex and interrelated processes contribute to the cycle of pollutants. EUROTRAC-2 was set up to create an in-depth understanding of these complex systems and to provide a scientific basis for abatement strategies. More than 300 research groups in over 30 countries joined in the work from 1998 - 2002.

In order to present the work of EUROTRAC-2 to a broader audience, the results are published in two books. This book, Towards Cleaner Air for Europe - Science, Tools and Applications Part 2, presents overviews of the scientific results obtained in all 14 EUROTRAC-2 subprojects. The work of the Synthesis and Integration project is published as Part 1 of Towards Cleaner Air for Europe. These publications together provide a comprehensive summary of EUROTRAC-2 and a useful reference to the most recent scientific results and principal activities in this field in Europe.

2003; xiv+320pp.; 15 x 23 cm; hardcover

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