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Midgley, Pauline and Reuther, Markus (Eds): Towards cleaner air for Europe - Science, Tools and Applications - part 1

Part 1: Results from the EUROTRAC-2 Synthesis and Integration Project.

EUROTRAC-2 was a project within the EUREKA initiative on the transport and chemical transformation of environmentally relevant trace constituents in the lower atmosphere over Europe. Its aim was to improve the quantitative understanding of air pollution including the factors determining the formation, transport, chemical transformation, deposition and impact of photo-oxidants, aerosols, acidifying substances, mercury and persistent organic compounds in the troposphere. The project was set up in 1998 and research was carried out until 2002. It built on the first phase of EUROTRAC that ran from 1988 to 1995.

EUROTRAC-2 has been a platform for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience throughout Europe, with an active involvement of many groups in Central and Eastern Europe. In EUROTRAC-2, the resources of the participating countries and of the European Union have been brought together to support the creation of viable, active research groups to address interdisciplinary and international, transboundary problems. The European research base for tropospheric chemistry has been greatly strengthened and is well prepared to meet the challenges of new and evolving programmes within the European Research Area.

In order to present the work of EUROTRAC-2 to a broader audience, the results are published in two books. This book, Towards Cleaner Air for Europe - Science, Tools and Applications, Part 1, is the result of the synthesis and integration activity. The results have been synthesised and integrated across subproject boundaries by considering five cross-cutting themes of major policy relevance, namely emissions, deposition, tropospheric ozone and its control, urban air quality, aerosols and particulate matter. Under an overall structure, the lead authors use a variety of approaches to tell their stories. The scientific results obtained in EUROTRAC-2 are discussed in detail in the individual Final Reports of the subprojects. Overviews from all 14 subprojects have been compiled in a

Final Report of the project as a whole, published as Part 2 of Towards Cleaner Air for Europe.

EUROTRAC-2 has demonstrated the feasibility of implementing the coordination needed to achieve coherent and consistent research on the troposphere and its environmental aspects, and to form the basis for the development of cost-effective and optimal abatement policies for Europe. The strength achieved from 15 years of research can be built on in the future.

2003; x+246pp.; 15 x 23 cm; hardcover

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