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Josef Önder (Hrsg.): Aram und Aurora

An Aramaic-German Friendship...or may it more than that?

«Aram and Aurora» is a very special book, created and designed entirely by pupils of the classes 9c and 10a. «Aram and Aurora” is more than just a very appealing, extraordinary book project by young authors from the Dr.-Engel-Realschule and their German teacher. The story itself is even more, than just the simple observation of two people becoming close to each other. It rather gives us a broader insight into different areas of our shared lives. Aram stands out to his classmates, due to his own, well chosen language, which appears strange to them. Not only does his use of language differ from his classmates’, but also his attitude regarding several topics in life and his behaviour, make him appear different. Then again, he gathers new experiences and broadens his understanding of life by being together with Aurora and his new friends, who also have their own cultural background. His friends start getting to know the Aramaic culture and the Syriac Orthodox belief – always comparing it with their own culture, their religious customs and their own daily routine.

This is how children and teenagers from different countries and cultures live their lives together in our school.

2012; IV + 400 pp. ; paperback; ISBN 978-3-8236-1688-7; 

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