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Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia Pars 151 - Jaap Klein et al.

Lower Cretaceous Ammonites VI - Douvilleiceratiodea & Deshayesitoiea

The superfamilies Deshayesitoidea and Douvilleiceratoidea are both restricted to the Lower Cretaceous, mainly Aptian and Albian. The genera Turkmeniceras and Paraspiticeras, included by Wright et al., 1996 in respectively the Deshayesitinae and the Roloboceratinae, were treated in Lower Cretaceous Ammonites volume III (2007) in the families Heteroceratidae and Emericeratidae.

Jaap KLEIN & Tamara BOGDANOVA (Editor)
2013, VI + 300pp., paperbound

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Artikelnr.: 978-3-8236-1663-4
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