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Mutations - An interactive education tool for secondary schools and undergraduate university teaching

Author(s): J.L. Oud, G. Rickards Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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Windows: 32-bit (x86) processor, Windows XP/Vista/7.
This title is not compatible with 64-bit Windows systems.
Mac: PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.6-9.2 or Mac OS X 10.1-10.4 (Classic).
This title is not compatible with Intel Macs.

Mutations - changes to the gene make-up of an organism - are hugely important. Most of them are deleterious, in that they cause abnormalities and diseases. But sometimes they turn out to have neutral or even beneficial effects. In this way, mutations are ultimately responsible for all the genetic variation that we see in populations of humans and other species. And it is this genetic variation that allows evolutionary changes to take place. On top of all this, mutations enable us to study the genes themselves, to locate them, to study their inheritance, to isolate them, to correct them, to use them. Mutations, therefore, underpin virtually all aspects of genetics ! This is why we have put together this comprehensive program, in which we introduce the types, origins and consequences of both gene (DNA) and chromosome mutations; and then illustrate their short term effects (such as in cancer, inborn errors and disease) and their long term (evolutionary) importance. We included a large number of photographs, illustrations and animations, from humans, animals and plants.

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