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Fish Eggs and Larvae from Asian Mangrove Waters

Author(s): M.J. Prince Jeyaseelan Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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This CD-ROM covers the early developmental stages of fish from three geographic areas: southern India, Thailand and the Philippines. Altogether, 77 selected fish species of great economic value have been determined. Only the early stages occurring frequently in mangrove waters are chosen for description. Where many stages of a species are found in mangroves, a figure to represent a typical stage is given while the description covers the characteristic features of many stages. This should suffice for the identification of early developmental stages of mangrove fish. To enable intercomparison, all species are treated in the same way: after a brief illustrated description of the early stages of individual species, the salient biological, ecological, capture fisheries and aquaculture-related information of the species as a whole and not of the early stages alone, are given, to indicate the strategic, academic and applied importance of individual elements.

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