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Chironomidae Larvae - Key to the Higher Taxa and Species of the Lowlands of Northwestern Europe

Author(s): A.G.Klink, H.K.M. Moller Pillot Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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The Chironomidae form a cosmopolitan family of small nematocerous flies represented by some 1,300 species in the West Palaearctic Region. Chironomid larvae are widely distributed and the fast majority have aquatic juvenile stages which, on average, comprise one third of the invertebrate species in freshwater habitats. This usual abundance, and the fact that a number of species are pollution-tolerant, make chironomids ideal indicator species in monitoring the quality of surface waters. This CD-ROM offers an identification key to 279 species in their final larval stage and 203 higher taxa of the lowlands of northwestern Europe. Each taxon has a short description. To distinguish a taxon from a related one, differential characteristics are given. For a number of species and higher taxa the biotopes are illustrated with photographs. The key and descriptions are illustrated with more than 850 drawings and the text is hyperlinked to a glossary of scientific terms.

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