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Flora Malesiana: Orchids of New Guinea Vol. III - Genera Acanthephippium to Hymenorchis (excluding Dendrobiinae s.l.)

Author(s): A. Schuiteman, E.F. de Vogel Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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Mac: PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.6-9.2 or Mac OS X 10.1-10.5; Intel processor, Mac OS X 10.4-10.6.

This CD-ROM reflects the state of the art in our expertise of the incredibly rich orchid flora of New Guinea, pertaining to 60 genera (Acanthephippium to Hymenorchis) with nearly 600 species. Important genera include Calanthe, Coelogyne, Corybas, Eria, and Glomera. Not treated here are the genera Dendrobium and Bulbophyllum with their allies, as these are the subjects of separate volumes in this series (vol. II and VI respectively). For every species a full description is given, with data on distribution (including maps), synonymy, cultivation, ecology, typification, classification, etc. An impressive collection of color photographs and drawings, both published and unpublished, adds to the exceptional value of this CD-ROM. Several leading botanical institutes, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, the Herbarium Bogoriense, Bogor, and the National Capital Botanic Garden, Port Moresby, as well as many well-known photographers have contributed to this CD-ROM, which is a must for all who are interested in the orchids of New Guinea and Southeast Asia.

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