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Flora of the Burren and Southeast Connemara

Author(s): H. Fitzgerald, C. Galley, J. Parnell, C. Galley Version: 2.0 Platform(s): Win CD only Available: Windows CD newly available, Mac CD in preparation

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Windows: 32-bit (x86) processor, Windows XP/Vista/7.
This title is not compatible with 64-bit Windows systems.
Mac: Not available.

The Flora of the Burren and SE Connemara provides photographs and detailed information on plants of the Burren, the Aran Islands and to the east of Connemara (regions 1-5 of the Flora of Connemara and the Burren; Webb and Scannell, 1983). In total 655 species are included. The glossary provides explanations for the botanical terms used. The native status is recorded and conservation interest indicated. A total of 2739 photographs and images aid recognition and show important characteristics of each species. For the majority of species, several images are provided. There are two general multi-access identification keys which cover all species in the flora; one key for the dicotyledons and another for the monocotyledons. Additional multi-access keys are provided for 18 genera or families which require special suites of characters for identification. A number of links to relevant websites and references for further reading are provided. This user-friendly authoritative CD-ROM is a valuable addition to the digital library of anybody interested in plants, whether amateur or professional, teacher or student, rambler or gardener.

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