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Vol. 073: Raini, Rebecca Kemunto: IPM information network analysis

Case study on information flow in integrated tomato pest management in Kenya

This book addresses network mechanisms and the subsequent role they play in promoting or impeding information flow among the actors involved in tomato integrated pest management (IPM) in Kenya. Limited coordination between farm and non-farm actors in Kenya has contributed to poor IPM information flow and accessibility. Using social network analysis methods the existing emergent interaction structures underlying the organizations are revealed. These structures are not easily detected through formal organization charts, and they are barely researched within integrated pest management in the sub-Saharan region.

In consideration of IPM dynamism and complexity the author further describes how the social network analysis parameters would be utilised in future IPM frameworks through system dynamic models. Overall, institutionalizing the process of making IPM stakeholders’ interaction patterns visible holds potential in improving information accessibility and ultimately enhancing crop pest management.

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Kommunikation und Beratung, Band 73
ISSN 0947-0352
2006; XIV + 110pp.;  3 colour pages, 21 x 15 cm; paper

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Artikelnr.: 978-3-8236-1486-9
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