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Vol. 113: Hagel, H.K. Local Soil Knowledge in Southeast Asia’s Mountainous Regions

Case studies among different ethnic groups in Vietnam and Thailand - Also available: electronic version of this book for download!

Local soil knowledge, or ethnopedology, combines elements of natural and social sciences in a holistic way. Considering local people’s opinions, it is seen as a key factor to develop and implement sustainable agriculture – especially in countries where its application failed due to top-down decisions by the government.

This book combines the studies on local soil knowledge conducted within the framework of the German-Thai-Vietnamese research project SFB 564, also known as The Uplands Program. It analyzes the local soil knowledge of the main hill tribes in the SFB’s study regions in Thailand and Vietnam. Ethnopedological results are compared to pedological data to evaluate the depth of local knowledge.

Kommunikation und Beratung, Band 113
Heinrich Karl Hagel, Gerhard Clemens, Ulrich Schuler, Anne Weiß
2013; XII + 120pp.;  21 x 15 cm; paper


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