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Sohail, M.: Tools for pro-poor municipal PPP

The Tools for Pro Poor PPP at the local level are aimed at members of local level government, business and community organisations interested in an innovative approach to the problems of service delivery, especially to the poor. The tools have been developed through a participatory process involving PPPUE’s programmes and projects in 14 countries and more than 50 municipalities around the world ensuring that they are applicable and useful globally but able to be localised rapidly.

PPPUE is the global facility that developing countries use to obtain support in their efforts to define, promote and implement Public Private Partnerships to reduce poverty by increasing the access of the urban poor to basic services. The programme offers a flexible portfolio of demand driven services built on the basis of a strong partner network and results at the country level.

The rationale underlining PPPUE’s services is to help develop a conducive environment for partnerships and to build adequate capacity for local partners to bring all stakeholders into the development process and improve the access by disadvantaged communities to basic services. The goal is to facilitate the creation of a constructive environment with respect to reform; one which will allow community organisations and other civil society groups to advocate for their needs and preferences and contribute their skills and capacity through sustainable partnerships with governments and the private sector.

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