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Vol. 119: Rudiarto, Iwan: Spatial Assessment of Rural Resources and Livelihood Development In Mountain Area of Java


The co-existence of both (bio)-physical environment and socioeconomic problems might lead to the relationship proposition between the availability of rural resources and the livelihood development of farming families in mountain area. Since farming families are distributed in different locations along the gradual line of mountain areas, their characteristics are also different. This book provides a spatial assessment of rural resources and livelihood development by emphasizing on the land availability and socioeconomic analysis of past and current development of resource utilization, both at family and spatial levels. Spatial assessment is carried out by utilizing GIS and Remote Sensing through three approaches, i.e.: linking, interpolating, and relating. The linking approach is aimed to generalizing data into the same unit of analysis, i.e.: spatial unit. Interpolating approach is necessary to generate data spatially from collected sample points where data is not available for the whole area. Meanwhile, spatial relationship between socioeconomic and physical environmental characteristics is resulted from the relating approach. The study indicates three different results, i.e.: spatial differentiation, socioeconomic zones, and spatial based income modeling in the study area which is divided into three sub study areas, i.e.: higher, middle, and lower area. This book also shows how GIS and Remote Sensing can be contributed in a farming system research on a spatially explicit model as well as on a regional basis.

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Farming & Rural systems Economics Vol. 119
ISSN 1616-9808
2010; XVI + 212 pp., 21 x 14,8 cm; paper

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Artikelnr.: 978-3-8236-1602-3
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