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Vol. 168: Hussein Luswaga: Non-Timber Forest Products Utilisation

Income Benefits and Villagers’ Forest Management Participation in West Usambara-Tanzania, Farming & Rural Systems Economics

This study dealt with the community interface with the forestry in West Usambara, Tanzania. On the one hand, the communities benefit with various forest products, while on the other hand, the participatory forest management program requires the community to participate in forest management activities. Based on the data collected in 2016, the study assessed the culturally important non-timber forest products utilisation, the contribution of these non- timber forest products to households’ welfare and view of the communities’ participation in the forest management.
Through ecological indices adapted for ethno-analysis, poverty indices and participation indicators, the study identified the situation in West Usambara and the communities’ relationship with the forest. In the end, the study offered policy interventions that will improve the community welfare and resource condition through improved management. The study fits in the rural development of Tanzania and a global view through sustainable development goals.

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Farming and Rural Systems Economics, Vol. 168

ISSN 1616-9808

2019; VII+203pp; 21 x 14,8 cm; paper

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