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In brief

Each of 56 chapters of the «Water Impact Guidebook» offers an overview how to handle a certain task within the management of a water utility. It is the result of numerous capacity building programs, mainly in the MENA region and in East-Africa.

The «Water Impact Guidebook» is available as printed edition (see our bookstore), and as an e-Book which is readable with a mobile device or a computer.

There is a dedicated website for this book which contains the full table of content as well as a description of every  chapter: www.water-impact-guidebook.net – a good example how to introduce and to highlight a single publication.

The «Water Impact Guidebook» is a valuable resource for managers, technicians and deciders from the water sector – that's why the 56 chapters of the guidebook have been condensed into a sequence of three e-Learning courses.

Book and e-book 

The «Water Impact Guidebook» was initiated by the GIZ capacity development programmes «MENA-WANT» and «WAVE/WAVE+», implemented in the MENA region and in East-Africa (see www.mena-water.net and www.wave-water.net), by the GIZ Water and Wastewater Management Programme in Egypt, and the GIZ Support to the Water Sector Reform in Tanzania. All of them were commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ.

The «Water Impact Guidebook» consists of 56 chapters which are organized in four modules: (1) Enabling Environment at the sector level, (2) Organization Development, (3) Effective Human Behavior and (4) Good Practices.

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