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Global Study on Solar Irrigation

Welcome to the online survey of the FAO/GIZ project «Realising the potential and managing the risks of solar irrigation».

The project aims to support countries in developing solar-powered irrigation as a means to improve agricultural productivity.

Solar irrigation has become increasingly interesting for countries as a reliable, clean-energy solution for agricultural water management. As investment costs for solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS) are coming down and subsidy schemes are being rolled out, SPIS technologies are becoming a viable option for many farmers.
Seeing the rapid expansion of SPIS, there is an opportunity to not simply introduce a clean, climate-smart and innovative energy technology, but to think strategically about how this technology can be used to provide energy access to rural areas.

With this survey, we want to:

  • Learn from your good practices around the world;
  • Foster dialogue on policies and financing options; and
  • Stimulate discussion on the responsible use of solar-powered irrigation.

We are very interested in your experience and want to draw conclusions and provide recommendations, which you might find useful for your work.

We contact you because we consider you a key stakeholder in the area of solar-powered irrigation.

This survey runs together with other review methods, e.g. personal and telephone interviews and extensive document studies. The survey will be carried out by Hans Hartung, an independent consultant with extensive international experience in rural agro-development.

We kindly ask you to respond to the questions below. Please be open about successes and failures. There are no right or wrong answers. Openness will help to draw the right conclusions and contribute to a learning process.

If a question is not relevant for you, please skip it. At the end of the survey, we are asking for examples of solar irrigation systems that you have worked with. You may provide more than one example, by filling out the questionnaire a second time with your same name.

Please find at the end of our questionnaire some interesting information regarding solar irrigation. We thank you in advance for filling out the questionnaire and will keep you informed on the results and future work.

Lucie Pluschke, FAO (Lucie.Pluschke(at)
Hans Hartung, consultant to FAO (hansFhartung(at)