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Pines - The Secret Life

Author(s): Dr. Lawrence C.W. Jensen Version: 1.0 Type: DVD-ROM

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DVD player

A combination of videos of living plants and three dimensional animations. Combining images of living plant stages with computer simulations allows you to easily bridge the gap between the familiar plant and the micro-environment contained within it. Place yourself inside the pollen cone and seed cone! Three dimensional animations take you in inside the pollen cone and the seed cone to see reproductive structures such as sporangia, gametophytes and the archegonia. Witness dynamic events such as pollination, gametophyte formation, fertilisation, embryo formation and seed germination. There are three levels of increasing complexity: 1. Simple - no terminology or breaks, 15m:17s; 2. Intermediate - simple terminology and divided into sections with summaries, 19m:30s; 3. Advanced - contains scientific terminology, divided into sections, 16m:46s.

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