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Flora Malesiana: Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae of South East Asia

Author(s): J.W.A. Ridder-Numan & I. de Kort (eds.) Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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The Leguminosae are one of the most important plant families: many species are used as food, green manure or timber. This CD-ROM holds a detailed information system covering all 247 species of the Caesalpiniodeae, native and cultivated, in the Flora Malesiana region. Based on Flora Malesiana Vol. 12.2 by Ding Hou, K.Larsen and S.S.Larsen, this work is much extended with over 1000 illustrations, full descriptions, information on uses, habitat, ecology, and distribution for each taxon (including the Mimosoideae genera). Identification is facilitated by two types of computer assisted keys: a dichotomous key to all caesalpinioid species (and the mimosoid genera) and several multi-access keys: one to the genera and species of the Caesalpinioideae, and five to the species in each of the larger groups. An innovative diagnostic system allows complex searches on distribution, uses and habitat. An interactive geographic information system presents distribution data and supports geographic comparisons. A literature database with ca. 200 references and a hyperlinked illustrated glossary to more than 750 botanical terms are part of the system. This CD-ROM is a a taxonomic reference work that belongs in every scientific library on plants in SE Asia.

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