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Arthropods of Economic Importance - Agromyzidae of the World

Author(s): M. Dempewolf Version: 1.0 Platform(s): Hybrid CD

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The mining flies are a highly diverse dipteran family of exclusively phytophagous species. The world fauna consists of about 2,750 species. Of these, some 110 species are known to occur on cultivated plants. A number of species are of particular importance, especially Liriomyza and Ophiomyia species. This CD-ROM aims to improve of the management of pest-agromyzids by providing access to taxonomic and biological data. In addition to literature reviews, numerous new digital images are presented. A matrix key contains the characters of 114 species. In order to provide information for those readers who are not familiar with this group, the morphology, biology and techniques for collecting and handling of Agromyzidae are outlined. This CD-ROM aims to enable entomologists working in agriculture, horticulture and plant quarantine inspection to identify the most important species.

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