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Vol. 027: Fischer, Patrick A.: Action Research in Extension Material and Message Development

The Striga Problem of Northern Ghana Revisited

Patrik A. Fischer documents an action research approach to the development of extension messages and material in regard to the Striga problem of Northern Ghana. Main features are a state of the art assessment of the researchers' view, the farmers' problem perception as well as a synthesis of these aspects. The action research brought forth two interrelated processes. Firstly the iterative development of extension aids and secondly the farmer experimentation. Both processes helped to narrow down the feasible strategies in the fight against Striga and the soil degradation in general. The use of visual aids played a major role in enabling this mutual understanding. Moreover, the process of simultaneously developing extension messages and material constitutes a step towards giving the resource poor farmers more say in tackling their problems. PRA methods enabled an effective evaluation of experiments conducted by farmers on their fields. The whole process was characterised by the involvement of research, extension (governmental and NGOs), and farmers, with an emphasis on the latter. Hence, the book provides methodological tools on how to tackle complex issues, such as parasitic weeds, particularly with a clientele mostly embedded in their oral culture. The result of the action research has been a material that is approved by both extension workers and farmers alike.

Kommunikation und Beratung, Band 27
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