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Christinck, A.; Weltzien, E.; Hoffmann, V.: Setting Breeding Objectives and Developing Seed Systems with Farmers

A Handbook for Practical Use in Participatory Plant Breeding Projects

Setting objectives and priorities is a crucial component of successful breeding programs as it determines the future course of action, maximizes chances for success and the impact achieved, and clarifies roles and responsibilities of partners.

A participatory plant breeding (PPB) program requires detailed and holistic understandings of the needs of the specific user groups it seeks to serve. This includes knowledge of the crop traits required for adaptation to prevalent agro-ecological conditions, the local production and seed distribution systems, and the quality requirements for each target group. Effectively setting priorities through assessment of key farmers needs has been one of the primary reasons for success from farmer participation in breeding programs.

However, methodologies on how to effectively work with farmers on setting objectives for a PPB program have only occasionally been described. This book is intended to help fill this gap. This book provides frameworks for description and analysis of key topic areas. It provides a range of methods, approaches and communication tools for breeders and farmers to work together to identify target environments and user groups, analyseproduction and seed systems, identify key traits and set priorities. Furthermore, it offers practical advice on approaches for planning and implementing both participatory breeding and seed system development activities, summarizing practical experiences gained in PPB projects to date.

This book results from years of fruitful collaboration between PPB practitioners and communication experts that unite social and natural science perspectives. Basic concepts and methods for participatory plant breeding are outlined in ways that facilitate direct application.

The book provides valuable insights not only for plant breeders but also development workers who seek to encourage farmer innovations with regard to variety development. Bio-diversity specialists involved in in situ management of plant genetic resources, as well as educators and trainers in the above mentioned fields will find useful tools and overviews.

2005, 188pp.; 20 x 26 cm; paper

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