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Vol. 118: Finco, Marcus V.A.: Bioenergy Economics

An Analysis of Oil Seed Farming and Biodiesel Production in the Brazilian Savannah

The biofuel production has been greatly deliberated in Brazil. This has led the country to develop new policies and implement the Brazilian program of biodiesel use and production (PNPB) in 2004 aiming at fostering rural and regional development and at the same time promoting a new and clean source of energy. In this context, the book contributes to the better understanding of different stages of biodiesel production in the Brazilian savannah, showing the linkages between the oil seed activity and the social inclusion, income generation, food security and climate change. For this purpose, the fuzzy set logic was applied to support the assessment of linkages between oil seed production and the inclusion of poor farmers in the biodiesel chain. Scenarios comprising the current and potential food production were established to estimate the impacts of oil seed production on local food security. Moreover, scenarios were also established to estimate the impacts of oil seed activity on climate change, mainly through CO2 emissions due to deforestation of native forests. The book also points out the implications of oil seed production on rural and regional development under different policy strategies and scenarios. A linear programming, as well as positive mathematical programming were applied, at farm and regional level, respectively, to estimate the impacts of oil seed activity on resource allocation and farmer’s income. The biodiesel production in the Brazilian savannah can now be better gauged in other parts of the Brazilian Legal Amazon region since the book highlights one of the most discussed topics about bioenergy: oil seed production taking precedence over the sustainable development.

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Farming & Rural systems Economics Vol. 118
ISSN 1616-9808
2010; XIV + 252 pp., 21 x 14,8 cm; paper

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