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Vol. 127: Bauer, Siegfried: Issues and Challenges in Rural Development

Compendium of Approaches for Socio-Economic and Ecological Development in Developing Countries Vol. IV

The compendium Volume III and Volume IV are published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our Ph. D. Program “Agricultural Economics and Related Sciences”. Both volumes contain quite a large number of papers pertaining to the issues and challenges in rural development from former and present students of the program as listed below.The Volume III consists of twenty one papers organized under five broad sub-headings (1st - 5th). The first group of papers are in General Equilibrium modelling, which basically deals with the role of Agriculture in the macro economy using CGE approach. The second block presents agricultural sector models dealing more specifically with the agricultural sector. The third section is all about impact assessment of development interventions and socioeconomic projects in rural areas. Correspondingly, the fourth sub-section deals with efficiency and productivity of agricultural production focusing on efficiency variations between farms and regions. Frontier Production Function and Data Envelope Analysis are applied. And finally, the fifth chapter highlights different methods and practices concerning conservation and management of natural resources. These contributions aim is to mitigate environmental problems thereby reducing the hunger, malnutrition and poverty.The Volume IV is comprised of seventeen papers organized under four major chapters (6th - 9th). Section six contains five papers about agricultural markets, marketing activities, technology adoption, commercialization and efficient allocation of available resources. The seventh chapter is about policy issues and rural finance and credit, a major production constraint faced by the farmers specifically in rural areas of developing countries. More critical and catchy issues are included in the eighth chapter “poverty and food security issues”. Topics regarding education and extension in relation to agriculture are presented in the ninth section. And this section ends up with the most commonly spoken issue women’s role and capacity to cope with household shocks.

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Farming and Rural Systems Economics, Vol. 127
ISSN 1616-9808
2011; VI+270.; 21 x 14,8 cm; paper

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