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Vol. 148: Tiwari, Ujjal: Socio-economic Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Nepalese Agriculture

In developing countries like Nepal where the economy mainly depends on agri- culture, the assessments of climate change impacts on farming systems are essen- tial. This book provides an overview of the climate change impacts on farming, farmers’ perceptions and responses to climate change, location-specific effects of climate variables on crop yield, and impact of climate risk in decision-making of the farmers. A multiple regression (time-series) model is applied to analyze the empirical relationships between crop yield and climate variables (rainfall and temperature). A mathematical programming model is developed with the objective function of maximizing utility (total gross margin minus measures of its vari- ability due to climate risk). The model accounts climate risk (crop yield risk) and predicts suitable cropping patterns and crop production levels for various scenarios. The two cases as without risk and with accounting climate risk are compared to evaluate the impacts of climate change on farm income and farmers’ production decisions. Five climate change scenarios are assumed, and the impacts of climate risk on farmers’ production decisions in these scenarios are assessed. As a general view, farmers are aware of climate change and its impacts on farming systems. Climate variables influence crop yield; however, the effects and their magnitudes vary across crop types, growing seasons and locations. The spatial variations of climate patterns play a key role in predicting the effects of climate variables on crop yield. Climate change plays an important role in the decision- making of the farmers, and the climate change adaptation strategies need to be considered in production decisions.

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Farming & Rural Systems Economics Vol. 148
ISSN 1616-9808
2014; XIV +164.; 21 x 14,8 cm; paper;

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