Water diplomacy and cooperation for water experts in the Maghreb region

In brief

In collaboration with the UNESCO headquarters in North Africa (Rabat office, Morocco), this platform is intended to promote networking and collaboration between water experts in the Maghreb region.

In order to be a member of this network as a member, interested parties are asked to complete a questionnaire on the Internet. After examining these documents, applicants are then informed about the access data for the actual network.

The network platform

The main functions are:

  • Webinar: Expert lectures and -inputs and subsequent (audio-visual) discussion(audio-visual using Voice over IP ]VoIP] channels), using our conference room in GoToWebinar. Access is granted via the platform;
  • Personal profile (group): essential element to form a network; offers all contact details and competences of the members for download (to the members of the network only);
  • Uploads: Members of the network can upload their CV and references, which are then available to all members;
  • Documents: Members of the network can upload relevant papers, articles, etc. At the same time, this section serves as a «Knowledge database» for the members;
  • Forum: Exchange and discussion on technical or other topics in the form of a supervised «question / answer (Q/A)» service offer.

Startpage of the project

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